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2021-2022 Wesley Kindergarten Enrichment Program

Wesley Child Care Center offers a great supplemental kindergarten program for children enrolled in Glenview District 34 Kindergarten.  Whether your child is in A.M. or P.M. Kindergarten, Wesley can provide a program to extend and enrich his/her kindergarten day.

Wesley Kindergarten Enrichment Program will be held at Pleasant Ridge School, a Glenview District 34 School, located at 1730 Sunset Ridge Road.

Wesley can provide programming for Kindergartners from 6:45 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. depending on your child’s District 34 school schedule and your personal needs. See Schedule & Fee Options page.
Wesley will provide extended before school programming for current Wesley children who are enrolled in the Wesley Before School program on late start days at no additional fee. Wesley will provide extended kindergarten programming for Wesley children who are enrolled in the AM Wesley KDG Enrichment Program on late start days at no additional fee.

Before School Program:
The Before School Program operates from 6:45 a.m. – 8:45 am, 9:45 am on late start days.

For P.M. District Kindergartners who need Before School Care:
Wesley runs the Before School Program at the Wesley Kindergarten Enrichment site at Pleasant Ridge School.

For A.M. District Kindergartners who need Before School Care:
Wesley runs a Before School Program at your child’s District #34 home school (Henking, Lyon, or Westbrook).

Program Overview:
Kindergartners have so much to learn and at Wesley we believe children learn best through play & social interaction. Children engage in fun and interesting activities to meet the individual physical, emotional, and educational needs of each child.  Activities are planned through weekly themes. Themes may include Dinosaurs, authors such as Eric Carle, The Solar System, Community Helpers, Shapes & Colors, Insects, The Alphabet, and Our Neighborhood. Daily activities focus on reinforcing kindergarten skills through all areas of the curriculum. Large group activities are alternated with free play through our child-friendly learning centers.  Learning centers include writing, science & math, computers, art, dramatic play, games, listening, reading, sensory, and a block area, fine & gross motor skills, outside time, and/or gym time is also incorporated into the day.

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Each classroom is staffed with an experienced Teacher and Teacher’s Assistant.  Our teachers hold an elementary education or early childhood education degrees.  Our assistants have previous child-related work experience and have taken courses in education and may also have education degrees.  Our passionate teachers & assistants provide children with a safe and caring learning environment.  

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See the attached fee schedule.  Invoice are handed out each Monday. Tuition payment is due weekly by 6:00 p.m., Wednesdays. Checks, Credit Cards, and advance payment accepted. Tuition remains the same and is charged for all weeks of the school year whether in attendance or not, including winter and spring break since we are still running programs during this time. Families may take up to two weeks of vacation during the school year and pay ½ their regular tuition rate. (See fees and payment information sheet). Wesley will provide extended before school programming for current Wesley children who are enrolled in the before school program on late start days at no additional fee.

Lunch will be provided by District 34’s Food Service. The fee for lunch is included in your tuition. Several lunch choices are offered daily. Dependent upon your child’s schedule; a nutritious breakfast, morning and afternoon snack are also provided and included in your tuition. 


Kindergartners will be bussed to and from Wesley’s Kindergarten Enrichment Program by District #34’s contracted busses. Please note: if you attend Wesley Kdg part-time (meaning not every day), the school district may not allow a child to ride two different routes. Bus service registration is done through your child’s home school.  Families may be required to pay the District 34 bus fee and will be billed by the school district. For further bussing information, contact the District 34 Administration Office at 1-847-998-5000. 

Dayz Off Camp Program:

Wesley offers our Kindergarten Enrichment children a Dayz Off Camp on days when District 34 Schools are not in session including winter and spring break.  Kindergartners participate in a variety of activities.  Fun-filled fieldtrips may also be scheduled. This program is located at Wesley’s mainsite; 727 Harlem Ave. in Glenview. Information will be in your parent folder prior to the date.

  • The cost for this day is included in your regular tuition fee for Full Time Wesley KDG. Full-time children are considered those who are scheduled to attend M-F and six or more hours per day.


  • Children NOT scheduled for full time but are regularly scheduled for 6 or more hours per day will pay an additional fee of $15 if you attend a Dayz Off Camp on a scheduled day and $30 if you attend on a non-scheduled day.
  • Children NOT scheduled for full time and are regularly scheduled for less than 6 hours per day will pay an additional fee of $25 per day if you attend a Dayz off Camp on a regularly scheduled day or $30 on a non-scheduled day. Because of staffing requirements, if you have registered to attend this day, you will be charged the extra fee whether in attendance or not.


  • If not attending the Dayz Off Program, your normal weekly tuition applies, and no credit for the unused day will be issued. Weekly tuition remains the same and is charged for all weeks of the school year including winter break and spring break.
  • Families may take up to two weeks of vacation during the school year and pay ½ their regular tuition rate if absent the full week of their regular attendance.


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Registration Timeline:
(Registration form or payment received before your beginning date will be returned to you)

  • Current Wesley Preschoolers: Begins February 9, 2021, beginning at 8:00 am
  • Siblings of Current Wesley Families* Begins February 22, 2021, beginning at 8:00 am
    • *Current Families = Attended a Wesley School Age program during the 2019-2020 school year or camp 2020
  • Summer 2021 Only Wesley Preschoolers: Begins February 25, 2021, beginning at 8:00 am
  • New and Former Families: Begins March 3, 2021, beginning at 8:00 am

All registration forms will be dated and timed as they are received.


To Register:

  • Complete this pre-registration form and submit it with a registration fee of $75 AND a deposit equal to one week’s tuition made payable to Wesley Child Care Center. CHECKS & CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED
  • To pay by credit card, come to the Wesley office OR pay on-line at   http://wesleyccc.com/ and submit your receipt with your registration form.

To Submit Your Registration:

  • Please submit registration forms and fees together either in person, by mail, or by E-mail:
  • In person or by mail: Wesley Child Care Center, Attn: JENNIFER QUINTAS-KDG 727 Harlem Ave., Glenview, IL 60025. If dropping off, please drop off during the current office hours of 8 am – 5 pm
  • By E-mail: E-mail registration form and receipt of payment to jquintas@wesleyccc.com
  • Registration forms will be dated as they are received. Placement is based on date of submission of registration.
  • Families will receive a letter of enrollment status upon receipt of the pre-registration form and payment. Acceptance of enrollment or waitlist status may not be given until ALL Glenview D34 schools determine AM & PM KDG placement.
  • Enrollment packets will be sent out in the summer for all accepted children.
  • The Wesley Kindergarten Enrichment Program has a limited enrollment capacity. Spaces do fill up quickly. We encourage interested families to register as soon as possible according to the registration dates.
  • For questions, please contact Jennifer Quintas, School Age Director at jquintas@wesleyccc.com.



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